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Marc Niola
Brooklyn, New York

Bio: Marc is a UX Strategist with a focus on brand strategy, experience design and usability. He has developed innovative business solutions for Melissa & Doug, QCS, Circuit City, UPS and Macro-imaginations. Before starting his own company Digital Cunzai, a brand development and web design firm, he worked as a Enterprise Resource professional at Melissa & Doug, LLC and QCS in Shenzhen, China. Marc's passion for technology and strategic planning developed over the years working with various technologies helping companies grow, and was the catalyst for his transition into digital branding and user experience. With over 15 years serving the Internet and another five helping to make businesses become more profitable and streamlined, Marc possesses the unique combination of business acumen, customer insight and technical expertise that allow him to create commercial success for companies, clients or projects. Marc holds a BA in Int'l Relations and a Master's in Global Operational Management from Stony Brook University. When Marc is not busy problem-solving he has several other interests (think: quality family time, scuba diving, mountain biking, running, football, Formula 1, reading The Economist, watching Charlie Rose, studying Mandarin, augment reality) that fuel his inspiration, curiosity or mood. Marc thrives on challenges, working with teams and adapting to dynamic environments.

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